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Do Rats Come Out of the Attic During the Day?

Usually, rats are night lovers, and they try to hide day time. During day time, most of them try to make a nest on higher places like on trees, attic, and ceiling.  The rat that is already living on attic they prefer to live over there during the day time, but there is also the possibility you may see them out of their attic during day time.  Rats that prefer to live on the ground floor make their nest by digging the ground likes in the basement. 

Do they come out from attic at day time? 
Yes, they come out at day from their living places. Most of the people even reported they had seen them at lunchtime where they were enjoying the food. On the other side, they do not prefer to get out at day time, but if you have seen them, there must be two reasons.

  • The majority of rats are living in one place, so due to food shortage, they are forced to get out at day so they can find the food. 
  • When they realize there is no predator in the area and they are safe even in the day time. When there is no danger, they will come out whenever they feel the need to eat something. 

Do the rats go inside the chicken coops?
Yes, you will see them anywhere where they can find food. They like to go into places that contain food in excessive amounts. They not only eat food, but they can eat the waste of other animals. In need, they can even eat their own waste, and after that, when they touch human food, it leads to food contamination. This is one of the major reasons why humans got sick after rat contemned food. 

What should you do to find the rats at day time?
Tree- look up your tree if you see some of the tree branches are filled with the cotton or cloth for sure this is rat nest. Inspect your fruit trees that can be their primary shelter. Palm trees are considered an excellent shelter for rats. 

Look into the garden, especially places that are messy or with long grass. You can also find them within the ground by searching a hole. They can live under the ground by digging the ground. 

You can also find them within the holes. Holes like within the ceiling or walls, they just need a rubber size hole, due to their flexible body they can fit into it. 

If you really want to search the rat follow their dropping, you may find them all over the attic or floor. They use the dropping to communicate with other rats. Although their dropping is small in size, their color can be black or gray. 

Their urine contains a bad odor. They have little control over their bladder, so you may see their urine all over the area. They can use urine on everything which is available to them like on your clothes, floor, etc.

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